Indulge Into The Djenty Goodness with Windrunner’s Songs “Mulan” & “Oleander” [Vietnam]

The progressive metalcore quintet Windrunner just released a double music video for their songs “Mulan” and “Oleander” from their album MAI. Founded in the year 2015, this Vietnamese band consists of Duong Bui (vocals), Trung Tôn (guitar), Nam Dao (guitar), Híu NT (bass) and David Hudd (drums).

The song is a concoction of djenty riffs which are meticulously blended with melodious guitar lines and appealing choruses by the vocalist Duong. Signed under Famined Records, they have played with quite a few big names in the scene such as Attila, Emmure and Benighted. Check out their new video below.

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