Cerberus Celebrate Their Anthemic Metal Ballad “Last Dance” [Mexico]


The Mexican heavy metal prodigies Cerberus just released a music video of the new single off their upcoming album FIRE!. Being one of the most admired bands from Mexico, this band consists of Paul Wrath (vocals, lead guitar), Vernon Eden (guitar), Jerome D’Beast (bass), and Ed Khronos (drums) on their line-up. “Last Dance” is an absolutely heavenly piece of music filled with melodic heaviness and prepossessing vocals with an even more captivating guitar solo,

which enhances the track in numerous ways. The music seems to be highly influenced by American metallers Five Finger Death Punch, but has an own little taste of Cerberus to it as well. The album FIRE! will be released on July 12th worldwide. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Ending
2. Off Limits
3. Lust For Blood
4. Jaeger
5. Self Made Hell
6. Last Dance
7. Saint Pride
8. I’m Fire
9. Huntress
10. Rise with the Fallen Ones
11. Tekilla
12. Forever

Check out their music video for “Last Dance” below.

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