Anthems Ooze Out Sick Modern Metal Vibes With “Moments” [Czech Republic]


Anthems is a new age metalcore act coming out from Czech Republic. This dynamic metal quintet consists of Pavel Hrubý (vocals, guitar), Matěj Kludský (vocals), Jan Kadeřábek (guitar), Libor Hřebík (bass), and Tomáš Blažek (drums). The group recently put out their new single “Moments.” which exhibits a very unique and peculiar sound. Personally, I haven’t heard a style this innovative in a long time, indicating that this band is fresh as fuck.

The song is a concoction of djenty grooves with proggy metalcore bliss that helps it to stand out effortlessly and kinda reminds of Jinjer at some points. However, this single is definitely a notch above their previously released music. Check out the music video of their song “Moments” here.

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