Resurrection of Fetal Remains Sonically Experiment with Death Metal on “The Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation” Lyric Video [South Africa]

Resurrection of Fetal Remains

From Johannesburg in South Africa, Resurrection of Fetal Remains is a death metal band consisting of Theo Durand (vocals), Karienus Janse van Vuuren (guitar), Wean Van Vreden (guitar), Ashish Seetheram (bass), and Desmond Cook (drums). Last year, they released their EP titled Lords of Gore and are continuing that momentum with a lyric video from that material.

“The Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation” definitely showcases their experimental qualities from the unconventional production to snare drum usage. Shortly after the one and a half minute mark, there’s a really odd bass melody that’s fueled by generous reverb and it certainly stood out. Although these interesting production and songwriting choices don’t exactly allow the band to be the most brutal in the game, they undoubtedly set them apart from the rest of the herd. Check out the lyric video below.

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