Paediatrician are Determined to Redefine Extreme Metal in “Lethal Injection” Single [Hungary]


Hungarian slam/brutal death metal/goregrind band Paediatrician was formed back in 2006 by members formerly of the death metal act Disinfection. After various lineup changes and album releases, we arrive at the current members consisting of Dr. Seven (vocals), Márkus Tamás (guitar), Pokornyik Ferenc (bass), and Vomit (drums). Next month, they will be releasing their album Harlequin Fetus via Sirius Records / Vomit Your Shirt.

Ahead of the album release, the group has put out the single “Lethal Injection.” If you’re looking for extreme metal to push your boundaries, this track won’t disappoint at all. There’s a constant barrage of snare and gargling vocals, yet surprisingly actually some groove and differentiation here and there. You can check out the single below.

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