Worship the Pestilence Feature Vocalist Seyerot for Blistering Fast “Green” Lyric Video [Bolivia]

Worship the Pestilence

Worship the Pestilence is a technical/brutal death metal band based in Cochabamba, Bolivia and consisting of Axel C. Santos Bloomfield (vocals), Jorge R. Velarde Espada (guitar, bass), Keru Von Borries (live bass), and Pablo Rodriguez Gomez (live drums). They will be dropping the LPĀ Arriving to Spread Misery in September via Catafilaprod / Rotten Music.

If you’d like a taste of the upcoming album, the band has put out a lyric video for the single “Green.” The track displays their intensity, while also showing off some technical aspects hidden under the crazed growls and percussion. It also includes a guest feature by Seyerot, vocalist of Carnivorous Voracity and Harsh. Check out the video below.

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