Obduktion Keep Pure Death Metal Alive on “Summon the Ghastly Demons” Lyric Video [Greece]


Obduktion is a Greek death metal band from Athens founded back in 1995 by guitarist George ”Obduktor” Bitzos, who is now joined by Takis V.O.T. (vocals), Nikos (bass), and Giannis (drums). Throughout their career, the group has supported acts such as Belphegor, Absu, Enthroned, Terrorizer, AsphyxKaamos, and more as well as released four LPs. Their last album Awaiting the Wicked came out in late 2018 via Goressimo Records.

Just recently, they revealed a lyric video for the fourth track off the aforementioned record. “Summon the Ghastly Demons” definitely provokes old fashioned, straight forward death metal alike Obituary or Morbid Angel and even has the chugging vigor of Dethklok. Check out the video below.

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