Ordinul Negru Brews a Hearty Serving of Black Metal for “Elder Magik” Lyric Video [Romania]

Ordinul Negru

From Timisoara in Romania, Ordinul Negru is a blackened metal group formed back in 2004 by vocalist/guitarist Fulmineos. The lineup now also holds Urmuz (guitar, vocals), Orthros (bass), and Putrid (drums, percussions). Since formation, they have released eight full-length albums, an EP, and several splits other international bands.

Their most recent release would be Faustian Nights, which was released in 2018 via Loud Rage Music. Just yesterday though, the act put out a lyric video for the fifth song “Elder Magik.” While mostly revolving around black metal, the piece also is very triumphant with symphonic and atmospheric aspect. Check it out below.

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