Bury Me Alive Unveil Their Melodic & Heavy Duality in “Falling Apart” Teaser Live Video [Austria]

Bury Me Alive

Bury Me Alive is an alternative/metalcore act from Feldkirch in Austria. They formed fairly recently in 2018 from five members of various other bands from their area with a lineup consisting of D. Bischof (vocals), L. Zaisberger (guitar), A. C. Mueller (guitar), A. Ebenkofler (bass), and G. Tinkler (drums).

Just last year, the band put out their LP titled Unexpected Miseries via Hopeless World Records. To continue the hype, they just shared a live video for the second track on the record. “Falling Apart” shows off their zesty, heavy side that connects quite fluidly with their smoothly melodic vocals. Check out a teaser of the song through the live video below.

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