Infestation Throw All the Death Metal Tropes on the Table for “R.I.P. Cage” Single [India]


Infestation is a death metal group based in India consisting of Tejas Mundhada (vocals), Vivek Katore (guitar), Aman Sharma (guitar), Akshay Dhengre (bass), and Yashraj Rautia (drums). They have performed alongside other Indian bands including Godless, Gutslit, BloodKill, Plague Throat, and Regicide.

The band’s most recent single is titled “R.I.P. Cage” and bridges the gap between the straight forward intensity of old school death metal with modern extreme metal. With screeching squeals, deep growls, chugging riffs, and a short, but sweet guitar solo, the track packs it all in with no filler. Listen below.

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