Envy Soak Hardcore Jams in Atmosphere for “A Faint New World” Music Video [Japan]


Japanese experimental hardcore act Envy formed actually back in 1992 with their own take on the screamo style. With a couple lineup changes since formation, they now consist of Tetsuya Fukagawa (vocals), Nobukata Kawai (guitar), Yoshi (guitar), Yoshimitsu Taki (guitar), Manabu Nakagawa (bass), and Hiroki Watanabe (drums). Now arriving at their seventh album, their musical identity has transformed into a more atmospheric post-hardcore aesthetic, while still holding the raspy vocals and sharp, jarring chords of their original screamo roots. The Fallen Crimson will release on February 7th via Pelagic Records.

To experience a taste of Envy‘s unique delivery, check out the music video for “A Faint New World” below. The track is loaded full of Isis-like dynamics and raw energy.

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