Dymbur Deliver a Solid Batch of Djent in Both “Quintus” & “Valor” Singles [India]


From Shillong in India, Dymbur is a progressive metal/djent act holding a lineup of Julian Andrew Lyngdoh (vocals), Cornelius Kharsyntiew (guitar), Mayson Dkhar (bass), and Achugra Sangma (drums). They served as the opening band when both Psycroptic and Veil of Maya toured in India. Last year, the group released their debut LP, The Legend of Thraat, which we included on our favorite albums of the year list.

Below you can get a taste of what to expect off the album. “Quintus” is a brief instrumental piece that definitely has a Veil of Maya-like approach, think “Pillars” or “Subject Zero,” yet with a less deathcore intensity. Up next on the video stream is “Valor,” where snappy, raw vocals are thrown over djenty Animals as Leaders grooves and riffs. Listen to both tracks below.

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