Vane Set Sail in Pirate Metal Music Video for “The Cannibal” [Poland]


Vane is a Polish groovy pirate/melodic death metal band consisting of Marcin Parandyk (vocals), Robert Zembrzycki (guitar), Mateusz Gajdzik (guitar), and Kamil Bagiński (drums). In 2018, they dropped their LP titled Black Vengeance and have continued to put out a few singles since.

Their most recently released single, “The Cannibal,” continues their nautical pirate theme all while conjuring up some righteous riffs and hard-hitting grooves. Check out the music video for the single as well as their upcoming tour dates below.

Tour dates:
2/28 – Zielona Góra, Poland
2/29 – Jarocin, Poland
3/6 – Gdańsk, Poland
3/7 – Łódz, Poland
3/13 – Kraków, Poland
3/14 – Chorzów, Poland
3/20 – Wrocław, Poland
3/21 – Warsaw, Poland
3/26 – Prague, Czech Republic
3/27 – Ostrava, Czech Republic
3/28 – Brno, Czech Republic

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