Be Crushed Under the Proggy Weight of Neurotic Machinery in “Slave” Music Video [Czech Republic]

Neurotic Machinery

Neurotic Machinery is a progressive death metal act based in Czech Republic and consists of Ondřej Uhlíř (vocals), Jan Pilík (vocals), Aleš Haník (guitar), Michal Šedivý (guitar, synth), and Martin Bárta (drums). They formed in 2006 and have since dropped five LPs and an EP.

The most recent album Nocturnal Misery actually just came out this month. To get a taste of what to expect on the record, you can try out the single, “Slave.” The track boasts a tremendous balance between chaotic moments and more dynamic, yet crushing melodies. Overall, the composition and tonalities definitely resembled other prog metallers such as Gojira or Mastodon. Check out the music video below.

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