Undusted Modernize the Meshuggah Groove in “The Seventh Race” Music Video [Latvia]


Based out of Riga in Latvia, Undusted is a progressive deathcore group holding a lineup of Igor K. (vocals), Andrey B. (guitar), Denis P. (guitar), Eugene B. (bass), and Oleg B. (drums). They formed in 2005 and have performed all around Eastern Europe sharing the stage with the likes of Shokran, The Korea, and more. Recently, the band just put out a music video for a new single.

“The Seventh Race” takes the groovy djent sound of Meshuggah and modernizes the sound with Periphery level technicality and Fit for an Autopsy intensity. Without a doubt, these guys have caught our attention now and hopefully we hear more from them soon. Check out the music video now below.

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