Cemican Mix Pre-Hispanic Instrumentation into Their Folk Metal Banger “La Que Baja de las Estrellas” Drum Cam Live Video [Mexico]


Based out of Guadalajara in México, Cemican is a folk/thrash/death metal group who formed in 2008. The project fuses metal with mexican folk musicalities through the use of pre-hispanic instrumentation. The current lineup holds Tecuhtli (vocals, guitar, folk instruments), Ocelotl (bass, folk instruments), Tlipoca (drums, folk instruments), Mazatecpatl (folk instruments), Xaman-ek (folk instruments, dance), and Yei Tochtli (folk instruments).

Last year, the band performed at Hellfest in France in promotion of their LP titled In Ohtli Teoyotica in Miquiztli, which was released via M-Theory Audio. You can check out the drum cam footage from their performance of “La Que Baja de las Estrellas” below.

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