GrooveBot Get Grimy in Industrial Debut Single “Toxic” with Chronic Phobia Vocalist [India]



GrooveBot is an industrial metal project based in Mumbai, India lead by Chinmay Agharkar, guitarist of prog rock act Paradigm Shift and grunge band Hook. The debut single titled “Toxic” just dropped and features vocalist Pratika Prabhune. You may recognize her from the experimental metal group Chronic Phobia or her feature in Demonic Resurrection‘s last LP.

The song’s throwback electronic and metal fusion pointed towards a KMFDM influence while the female vocals provoked feelings of Otep or In This Moment. And although, I enjoyed the addition of chuggy guitars to help push a new narrative in the timeline of industrial metal, I wish the overall mix was a bit cleaner, especially regarding the electronics. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see industrial music continue to thrive and evolve decades after its birth. Check out the debut single below.

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