Transcend Class Consciousness Through Industrial Female Rap Rock: “Evolution of Thought” by Pratika x PrabhuNeigh [India]

From early days in Chronic Phobia to adding guest vocals for GrooveBot and multiple Demonic Resurrection tracks (“Kurma – The Tortoise,” “The Eye of Eternity,” “Non Serviam”), Pratika Prabhune has established herself as a respectable vocalist in the Indian metal scene. While she has been flexing her rap muscle and assembling the powerful all-female hip-hop collective Wild Wild Women more recently, her loyalty to the rock / metal scene is still strong.

Producer PrabhuNeigh has joined forces with Pratika for the upcoming five-track EP titled Growing Up. The debut single “Evolution of Thought” boasts a Wish-era Nine Inch Nails / early Linkin Park hybrid of industrial rap rock. Channeling the modern angst of Poppy or Nova Twins, the lyrics speak adamantly of class consciousness, violently turning a mirror upon Indian society’s struggles.

Watch the video for “Evolution of Thought” (featuring DefGiant) by Pratika x PrabhuNeigh:

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