Poema Arcanvs Breathe Life into the Duality of Death/Doom Metal in “Straits of Devotion” [Chile]

Formed back in 1992, Chilean death/doom band Poema Arcanvs currently consists of Claudio Carrasco (vocals), Igor Leiva (guitar), Juan Diaz (bass), and Luis Moya (drums). Throughout their career, they have toured through Europe and dropped five LPs.

More recently, the band announced their sixth album Stardust Solitude to be released this year via Transcending Obscurity. The duality of death and doom metal works quite beautifully on the new single “Straits of Devotion.” Of course, comparisons to classics like Paradise Lost can be made, but I’d also bring up a more modern act like Elder. Be sure to check out the commandingly heavy video for the track below.

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