Get Back in the Concert Spirit During Nine Treasures’ Live Full Show Performance at TaiHu MIDI Festival 2019 [China]

Nine Treasures

Nine Treasures is a Chinese folk metal group with a current lineup of Askhan (vocals, guitar), Aoger (bass, vocals), Tsog (morin khuur), Saina (balalaika), and Ding Kai (drums). If you didn’t recognize a couple of those instruments, you’re in for a treat. The band uses Asian folk instruments to expand their unique style. Oh, and the vocals are all sung in Mongolian.

If you’ve been missing live shows lately as coronavirus has made concerts difficult, the group fortunately just put out footage from their full performance at last year’s TaiHu MIDI Festival. You can enjoy chants, head bobbing grooves, and some overall fun jams now. Setlist and video shown below.

10 Years
Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor
Nomin Dalai
Fable of Mangas
Tes River Hymn
Wisdom Eyes
My Hulunboir
Praise for a Fine Horse
Three Years Old Warrior
Black Heart

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