Windvent Innovate with a Proggy Version of Post-Hardcore in “Thankful” Lyric Video [Mexico]


From Chihuahua in Mexico, Windvent currently holds a lineup of Alex Lopez ‘Furby’ (vocals), Luis Ortiz ‘Paquotl’ (guitar, vocals), Arturo G√≥mez ‘Archi’ (bass), and Hector Sierra (drums). Their musical style is what I’d consider one of a kind. While I’m sure there are acts in the post-hardcore scene that experiment with progressive elements, this band takes full advantage of a bold, yet satisfying proggy post-hardcore fusion.

They recently dropped a new single titled “Thankful,” which perfectly captures the blend of the two previously mentioned styles. With a foundation in the vein of Silverstein or I Prevail contrasting with progcore vocals and technical guitar licks alike Erra, the song truly stands out as unique. Check out the lyric video for the latest single below.

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