Best Metal Around the World: June 2022

There is so much heavy, extreme, and beautiful metal music being conjured all around the world that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Metal Has No Borders has curated the best of the best, from Japan and Czech Republic to Ukraine and New Zealand as well as everything in between.

Enjoy our hand-picked favorite albums, singles, and videos for June 2022 below. Enjoy and share which bands you were headbanging to this month in the comment section!

Gold Album of the Month

Imperial Dead Circus Decadence

殯――死へ耽る想いは戮辱すら喰らい、彼方の生を愛する為に命を讃える――。(Funeral – The Feeling of Indulging in Death Eats even Humiliation and Praises Life to Love the Life Beyond)*


The most divine aspect to come from the globalization of heavy music is the inevitability of surprise. While never quite previously finding any limelight in the Western mainstream metal community during their 15-year lifespan, Imperial Dead Circus Decadence is finally getting some well-deserved attention with this latest release. Admittedly, I myself am floored in my recent discovery of the Japanese project, rich with lore and creativity. Not only do they have the sickest band name and have created their own language titled ‘Taihaisekai,’ their musical compositions are a goddamn intense journey of symphonic, melodic deathgrind. The excessively heavy act is undeniably unique, yet would be comfortable sharing the stage equally with goth icons Cradle of Filth as Satanic legends Behemoth.

Funeral – The Feeling of Indulging in Death Eats even Humiliation and Praises Life to Love the Life Beyond* by Imperial Dead Circus Decadence is awarded Gold Album of the Month for June 2022

Favorite Songs: “禊祓の神産は宣い、禍祓の贖罪は誓う。(ft. あらまり),” “嚮導 Bring + 瞳 Eyes = 死 Death + 齎 Invite,” “

FFO: Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren

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[Google translation]*

Silver Album of the Month

Majesty of Revival



My favorite aspect about the prog subgenre is the complete disregard for boundaries. Majesty of Revival sprints across a myriad of musical styles in Pinnacle, throwing no caution towards the typical parameters set. Certain songs are remarkably classic-sounding, reminiscing on the early 80’s of rock / metal, as other tracks are tastefully modern with experimentation and heaviness galore. The varied arsenal of vocals excels in tandem with the chameleon-work of the instrumental section, creating an overall engaging, quirky listening experience from top to bottom.

Pinnacle by Majesty of Revival is awarded Silver Album of the Month for June 2022

Favorite Songs:You Have a Message,” “Fool (ft. Kärtsy Hatakka),” “Deliverance

FFO: Haken, Immortal Guardian, Dream Theater

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Bronze Album of the Month



New Zealand

For too long the black metal sound was gatekept, with the cold, clawing aesthetic only being allowed for the Mayhem-like elitists / purists. Within the past decade, a gradual open-mindedness has flourished allowing for shoegaze, post-rock, and hardcore to co-habitate with the once ‘holier than thou’ subgenre. Tuscoma unveils the amalgamation between the unforgivingly sinister atmosphere of black metal with a pissed off, yet restrained hardcore style. The appeal lies in the duality of desolate dissonance meeting an inviting energetic pace. We’re certainly grateful that black metal has let its guard down to allow for such righteous fusion.

Gu-cci by Tuscoma is awarded Bronze Album of the Month for June 2022

Favorite Songs:The Importance of Being Vogue,” “Aris Dazed,” “The Stylish Void”

FFO: Oathbreaker, Wolf King, Inter Arma

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Other Notable Releases:

Caravellus – Inter Mundos


Blending progressive and power metal is certainly not a new feat, yet Caravellus shine a light on the best aspects of both subgenres with shreddy sections aside soaring vocals.

Listen to “Memento Mori

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Monasterium – Cold are the Graves


With the might to revive classic doom metal, Monasterium reminisce on the days of Dio and Candlemass via epic vocals and down-tuned grooves.

Listen to “Cimmeria

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Bloody Heels – Rotten Romance


I’m normally one to avoid hard rock / glam metal as the novelty wore off as soon as it began, but the hooks that Bloody Heels bring forth are understated and arena ready.

Listen to “Distant Memory

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Best New Single / Video

Neurotic Machinery – “Transcendental”

Czech Republic

Back in early 2020, I was intrigued by the Fallujah-meets-Gojira extreme nature of the Czechian metallers on their Nocturnal Misery record. The project has now returned, planning a follow-up titled A Loathsome Aberration. “Transcendental,” paired with a gorgeously grim video, is an alluring peak into what is to come. After several minutes of technical, melodic death metal, we are gifted a sensational saxophone solo. While flaunting a more pessimistic and drab form of intensity, Neurotic Machinery are nonetheless able to cast a smoky, progressive atmosphere in their wall of heavy sound.

“Transcendental” by Neurotic Machinery is awarded Best Single / Video of the Month for June 2022

Other Notable Singles / Videos:

Demonic Resurrection – “Non Serviam (ft. David Diepold, Misstiq, Pratika Prabhune)”


After dropping their fourth single this year, I truly believe that the godfathers of Indian symphonic death metal saved their best for last, proven in this dense, yet melodic beast of a track thanks to guest features by members of Cognizance, Earthcaller, and Chronic Phobia; listen here

InChaos – “My Galaxy (ft. Lu Szu-Chien)”


With the emerging oversaturation in the progressive metalcore scene, the tasteful emphasis of delicate clean vocals over the occasional scream is a breath of fresh air, especially when complemented with a guitar solo by Zhang Qing (Aphrodite, Barque of Dante) and violinist Lu Szu-Chien; listen here

Sobernot – “Smoke Masters (Gimme My Money Back)”


The art of groove metal is not lost on these thrashers in this fist-clenching, yet uplifting banger. The headbang factor grows steadily through this whole single; listen here

Aarlon – “Aaina”


The compelling diversity and beauty within their debut full-length, Dafan, earned this Indian alternative / progressive metal act the Gold Album of the Month in April, so we’re more than eager to send more praise and attention their way. The lush soundscapes within this single fit perfectly with the visuals in this new music video, bridging metal music with nature; listen here

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