Best Metal Around the World: August 2022

There is so much heavy, extreme, and beautiful metal music being conjured all around the world that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Metal Has No Borders has curated the best of the best released this month, from Japan and Cyprus to Mexico and India, as well as everything in between.

Enjoy our hand-picked favorite albums, singles, and videos for August 2022 below. Enjoy and share which bands you were headbanging to this past month in the comment section!

Gold Album of the Month




It is simply unarguable that Sigh is one of the most creative forces in the international extreme metal scene. When artists are labeled as “avant-garde,” we expect the unexpected, and further more, to the point of crossing uncomfortable boundaries. Yes, this project brings unorthodox elements to the table, but what I genuinely appreciate most about Sigh, is their unfathomable ability to deliver that experimentation with comfort and care. Sensual saxophone tidbits, retro synth interruptions, regional folk instrumentation cameos, and an overall mish-mash of musical moods are presented in Shiki with remarkable ease, never sounding abrasive or unwarranted. With roughly three decades of experience knee-deep in black, thrash, and doom metal, Sigh continue to gorgeously, yet aggressively innovate.

Shiki by Sigh is awarded Gold Album of the Month for August 2022

Favorite Songs:Satsui – Geshi No Ato,” “Kuroi Kage,” “Fuyu Ga Kuru”

FFO: Ihsahn, Arcturus, Triptykon

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Silver Album of the Month

Death Scythe

Killing for Pleasure Forever


While initially presenting itself as simply a melodic death metal record, each track in Killing for Pleasure Forever reveals more behind the curtain, from early groovy metalcore to epic power metal chops. The guitarwork on this album is absolutely phenomenal; each riff is delivered with utmost intent and the solos are beyond tasteful. Although I find myself impressed most by the guitar quality, Death Scythe has superb unity. All of the components within the band mesh together like clockwork, boasting ridiculously feisty and enjoyable headbangers.

Killing for Pleasure Forever by Death Scythe is awarded Silver Album of the Month for August 2022

Favorite Songs:Killer Faith,” “Touched by a Scythe,” “Hollow Darkness

FFO: Children of Bodom, Pantera, Revocation

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Bronze Album of the Month


Heavy Rocks (2022)


As usual with this genre buffet project, nothing is off limits for Boris, as long as it’s undeniably heavy. With the nature of such vast variety, not everything here will be every metalhead’s cup of black tea. Personally, the first few sludge rockers that came bolting out of the gates didn’t hit the enjoyable target for my earholes. On the contrary though, some top-tier doom atmospheres are fleshed out in the center of the record, with pieces including “Question 1” and “Nosferatu” being crucially dark, dense, and outstanding. The closer’s wailing vocals and funeral finale piano minimalism provides utter noteworthy melancholy.

Heavy Rocks (2022) by Boris is awarded Bronze Album of the Month for August 2022

Favorite Songs:Question 1,” “Blah Blah Blah,” “Ghostly Imagination”

FFO: Kylesa, Thou, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

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Other Notable Releases:

Moths – Space Force

Puerto Rico

Psychedelic is not just for hippy dads and millennials who discovered shrooms; metalheads are also fair game for the occasional acid trip and Moths‘ latest EP is a stellar accompaniment for your brain-melting journey to the moon and beyond with parts alike The Mars Volta and Baroness.

Listen to “Space Force

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The Madness of Humanity – Waco Tanka


The modern age of metalcore and deathcore is rife with competition. Instead of blending in with the herd, The Madness of Humanity pulls in influence all across the spectrum. You can expect Whitechapel growls, Make Them Suffer hooks, and Shadow of Intent-level production on this satisfying new EP.

Listen to ‘Waco Tanka

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Bloodbox – Post Human Disorder

New Zealand

Bloodbox is nothing short of outrageous, from their ketamine hallucinogenic visual aesthetics to insane energy that should catch the attention of The Locust or Napalm Death grindcore adrenaline junkies.

Listen to “Eat Rape Populate

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Best New Single / Video

Being of Entropy – “Hex”


I’ve forever lamented the growing divide between the modern scene of metal and the previous generations. Being of Entropy quite clearly demonstrates music qualities of the current, provoking similarities to Humanity’s Last Breath and even Killswitch Engage, yet their extreme density and cut-throat vigor also could allure fans of Behemoth. The melodic section that emerges at the three-minute mark is catastrophically beautiful, parting the dark clouds that were summoned through waves of stunning metal / deathcore build-up. This harmony bridges the aforementioned gap, chaining the wrists of all metalhead types together. In addition, the cold nature and transformative subjects displayed in the music video succinctly add to this beyond satisfying single.

“Hex” by Being of Entropy is awarded Best Single / Video of the Month for August 2022

Other Notable Singles / Videos:

DeathLore – “Reptilian”


A fatal flaw of black and death metal is the lacking dynamics, however DeathLore‘s hindsight alleviates such an issue with plenty of groove, hooky riffs, and choral / symphonic elements following in the footsteps of their country’s pioneers Demonic Resurrection; listen here

Pridian – “Soft Gold”


With the massive influx of melodic metalcore in the modern scene, it’s difficult to stand out, but Pridian (formerly known as Aeons) present captivating melody and punching production on par with current big-names like Erra or Spiritbox; listen here

GrooveBot – “Under Pressure”


Although comparisons could absolutely be drawn to Filter or Stone Temple Pilots in this new single (mostly due to guest vocalist Anand Bhaskar), GrooveBot nonetheless strives forward when fusing industrial, grunge, and alternative metal without layering on the nostalgia factor too thick; listen here

Shinai – “Starlight”


I was initially tempted to include Slaughter to Prevail‘s new single / video here, but some other Russian competition emerged in the form of the infectious djent act Shinai; listen here

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