Best Metal Around the World: September 2022 [Mongolia, India, Israel, Turkey…]

There is so much heavy, extreme, and beautiful metal music being conjured all around the world that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Metal Has No Borders has curated the best of the best released this month, from Mongolia and India to Israel and Turkey, as well as everything in between.

Enjoy our hand-picked favorite albums, singles, and videos for September 2022 below. Enjoy and share which bands you were headbanging to this past month in the comment section!

Album of the Month (Gold)

The Hu

Rumble of Thunder


Immediately, this record had me entranced. I honestly did not find their debut album, The Gereg, to be particularly special, however this follow-up completely sold me on the potential of Mongolian folk metal. The Hu‘s songwriting is superb here, flexing range, dynamics, and stamina. An hour-long, Rumble of Thunder never rests as every piece is coated in drama and musical strength. I can’t recall how many times I returned to the delightful alternative folk moods in “Triangle,” empowering chants driving “Upright Destined Mongolian,” or earth-moving energy of “Black Thunder.” There are significant moments in the timeline of heavy music innovation; don’t miss this one.

Rumble of Thunder by The Hu is awarded Gold Album of the Month for September 2022

Favorite Songs: “Triangle,” “Upright Destined Mongol,” “Black Thunder

FFO: Tennger Cavalry, Nine Treasures, Korpiklaani

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Album of the Month (Silver)


Black Bile


“The Israeli thrashers mix things up on their sophomore record, leaning away from their previously more progressive style in favor of a stronger groove/death metal influence. While this does mean Black Bile‘s sound isn’t as overtly energetic as Sinnery‘s previous album, A Feast of Fools, it does make for an undeniably interesting contrast… The evolution in Sinnery’s sound extends to the production quality as well. This material sounds raw and ugly, which helps Black Bile further distinguish itself from the band’s more slick and polished debut… The lyrics are downright gnarly, dripping with as much wrath and disgust as Alon’s growled vocals… It’s a high-tier thrash/groove metal record by a band that proved themselves capable of nailing more than just one style.” [Read Rafi’s full review by clicking here]

Black Bile by Sinnery is awarded Silver Album of the Month for September 2022

Favorite Songs:Black Bile,” “Sever,” “The Burning

FFO: Slayer, Revocation, Lamb of God

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Album of the Month (Bronze)

Pentagram (Mezarkabul)

Makina Elektrika


While three decades into their career of bringing heavy music from the Eastern atmosphere to the worldwide community of headbangers, this eighth full-length record is actually my first encounter with the evolving act. Known in Turkey as Pentagram, but internationally as Mezarkabul, this project has unmistakenly evolved from their reckless 90’s roots. Although there are moments within Makina Elektrika that boast the band’s original identity of cut-throat and cocky thrash, the group’s grandiose maturation is more evidently on display, revealing of range of metal from folk and heavy to doom and prog. Through the dense diversity, satisfying fistfuls of vocal hooks and adrenalized riffs are presented proudly. Oh, and there’s a Metallica cover closer if you stick around.

Makina Elektrika by Pentagram (Mezarkabul) is awarded Bronze Album of the Month for September 2022

Favorite Songs:Bu Düzen Yıkılsın,” “Pride,” “Sensiz

FFO: Orphaned Land, Dream Theater, Myrath

Album of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

VoidOath – Ascension Beyond Kokytus

Costa Rica

With the plodding doom effectiveness on par with Bell Witch and concussive power of sludy post-metallers Neurosis, the immersive and chokingly heavy qualities in this five-track release are as striking as the conceptual theme, John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Listen to “Orion Cygnus Descent (Arrival)

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Massface – Inequable


If Chevelle was born today, their provocatively prog grooves would muster as must djent grit and captivating melodicism as shown on Inequable. The balance between punch-y growls and riffs with soaring vocal hooks also brings forth comparisons to the diversity of Periphery.

Listen to “Aftermath

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Apnea – Sea Sound


Gallons of Fu Manchu-like fuzzed-out stoner rock in the fuel tank allows Apnea to take their grunge nostalgia sound to heavier heights in this new record. Although critics may claim that the band’s melodic, yet stripped down structure was already championed by the likes of early Silverchair, the simplicity and focus on enjoyable songwriting is a breath of fresh air in today’s competition for dense heavy music.

Listen to “Highs and Lows

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Single / Video of the Month

Dymbur – “Back Home”


A couple months ago, we interviewed the djent-turned-folk metal act, Dymbur, who have used their recent musical efforts to bring awareness towards socio-political issues including “Child Abuse” and “Rape Culture.” The Shillong-based group are now firing their guns in a scatter shot at the broad topic of discrimination, tackling child prostitution and LBGBTQ rights. While the theming is less pointed than their aforementioned singles, the lyrics take a more emotional and inspiring stance. Musically, the Eastern folk instrumentation driven intro is sublime at building tension alike The Hu, before launching into an early melodic metalcore barrage akin to Killswitch Engage. The music video for “Back Home” portrays an empathetic point-of-view of such inhumanities and the subsequential internal damage.

“Back Home” by Dymbur is awarded Best Single / Video of the Month for September 2022

Single / Video of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

Aenaon – “Psyche”


Black metal is often muddled in actively poor production and limiting chaos, however a handful of artists from the extreme subgenre find a way to elevate the style to a pleasing, cathartic level. This Greek project absorbs prog and symphonic elements from mid-career Dimmu Borgir and Ihsahn‘s darkest solo material to create abundantly satisfying results; listen here

Constellatia – “Adorn”

South Africa

I am endlessly excited by the upcoming record from this group considering the scope of this single, finding bliss and immersion in ten minutes of Deafheaven and Isis-like post rock / metal; listen here

Serenity in Murder – “Infact Bellum”


An impeccable melodic death metal sound with blackened and symphonic touches is presented in this powerful new track, boasting comparisons to a more modern depiction of Children of Bodom and Dark Tranquility; listen here

Ground of Chaos – “The Cave”


The status of deathcore was concerning for a period of time, but the subgenre is having a creative resurgence lately with the likes of Fit For an Autopsy or Shadow of Intent reviving the once stagnant style and this crushing, yet stylized single is also on the frontlines; listen here

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