Best Metal Around the World: October 2022 [Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus…]

There is so much heavy, extreme, and beautiful metal music being conjured all around the world that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Metal Has No Borders has curated the best of the best released this month, from Greece and Czech Republic to Russia and Belarus, as well as everything in between.

Enjoy our hand-picked favorite albums, singles, and videos for October 2022 below. Enjoy and share which bands you were headbanging to this past month in the comment section!

Album of the Month (Gold Tier)

Aenaon – Mnemosyne

Released via Agonia Records


There’s very few albums for me where the word “awe” comes to mind. Mnsemsyne had me on the edge of my seat for nearly fifty minutes, finding the most captivating balance of brutality, beauty, and spectacle. There is drama, comedy, and tragedy throughout this record by progressive, blackened death, experimental metallers Aenaon. I know, I know. Ridiculous. But, you won’t prove me wrong. Go listen to this bold, crucial, punishing, saxophone-filled, provocative, and inspiring, even “awe”-inspiring, music.

Mnemosyne by Aenaon is awarded Best Album of the Month (Gold Tier) for October 2022

Favorite Songs:Psyche,” “Trauma Cultura,” “Synastry of Heartbeats

FFO: Rivers of Nihil, Shining, Dimmu Borgir

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Album of the Month (Silver Tier)

Ninthshaft – Bermuda

Released via Black Fog Studio


Post-metal is a subgenre that genuinely is difficult to define. When listening to the likes of pioneers Neurosis or Isis, a distinction from other metal emerges, yet the style and approach is more abstract than simple characteristics. I view the “post-metal” term appropriate for any project that gives space for heaviness to grow and therefore find new heights. Ninthshaft‘s latest release, Bermuda, harnesses suspenseful black metal atmospheres and calming prog, luring the listener down a dark alley towards a wholly new, esoteric dimension. While the album awakens with the shape-shifting fever dream title track and hooked me during the Meshuggah-on-Indica piece “Phantom,” it was the record resolution of three-part death-doom mesmer “Deluge” that finally placed me in full post-metal praise.

Bermuda by Ninthshaft is awarded Album of the Month (Silver Tier) for October 2022

Favorite Songs: “Phantom,” “Bermuda,” “Deluge, Pt. 2”

FFO: The Ocean, Agalloch, Kauan

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Album of the Month (Bronze Tier)

Atruta – Da Varot Apramietnaj

Released via Cavum Atrum Rex


Perhaps there’s Tolkien chemicals in the water supply, but Da Varot Apramietnaj sounds to me exactly like what the vile orcs of Mordor would compose. This material has grit, thick skin, and thin blood. Although dense, Atruta‘s new album achieves variety through Crowbar sludge rhythms, war metal urges, and misanthropic moods.

Da Varot Apramietnaj by Atruta is awarded Album of the Month (Bronze Tier) for October 2022

Favorite Songs: “Pustata, što zaviecca budučyniaj,” “Słava Čeravie-Lilit,” “Jad, što pahłynaje śvietu smurod”

FFO: Gorgoroth, Dissection, Slugdge

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Album of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

Witcher – Lélekharang


Although most black metal records fit the season of Winter, Witcher‘s atmosphere represents the dark nights of Autumn instead with atmospheric Wolves in the Throne Room-like soundscapes and a Beethoven cover closer track.

Listen to “Lélekharang

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Goat Ripper – Goat Ripper


I have a tendency to not take slam bands too seriously since they nearly always continue to beat the dead horse of being annoyingly heavy, yet a few projects crawl free from the trappings of an overbearing subgenre. Goat Ripper fits as one of the aforementioned anomalies, bringing substance to their songwriting and maintaining Ingested brutality.

Listen to “Goat Ripper

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Odium Humani Generis – Zarzewie


Ferocious black metal on the outside and avant-garde death metal on the inside, Odium Humani Generis bring a subtle twist to the Mgła sound on this new EP.

Listen to “Zbliżamy się do końca

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Single / Video of the Month

Bertah – “Autodafe”

Czech Republic

The tense, melancholy wavering throughout symphonic death metal act Bertah‘s latest single is immense. Choir and string sections provide a lush contrast to the venomous strikes of riffs and war drum hits. The music harkens back to the peak of Dimmu Borgir‘s career, however the vocals here are more akin to modern and down-tuned deathcore snarls. Both aforementioned subgenres have the potential to be overly dramatic, but the grandiosity lands right in my brain’s comfort zone on “Autodafe.” Additionally, the video provides another layer of emotion, displaying a story of maternal loss and religiosity through stellar imagery.

“Autodafe” by Bertah is awarded Best Single / Video of the Month for October 2022

Single / Video of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

Witchmaster – “Kaźń”


I’m a sucker for some dark snuff film visuals and the music video to accompany this onslaught of grinding blackened thrash scratches that itch. Witchmaster holds members known for their works in the likes of Azarath, Vader, Profanum, and Behemoth; listen here / uncensored version

Riverside – “I’m Done with You”


Although a commendable effort on their previous album, Wasteland, founding guitarist Piotr Grudziński was most certainly missed after sadly passing away a couple years prior. “I’m Done With You” teases at what to expect on next year’s ID.Entity and I’m in love with the reinvigorated energy and emphasis on the organ in a Haken-like manner; listen here

Kälad – “After the Storm”


While there is much toughened competition in the modern melodic metal scene, Kälad offer promise with nostalgic, alternative flair and subtly symphonic moments bound to catch the attention of Architects and Spiritbox fans; listen here

Ryth – “White Portrait”


Revealing Behemoth and Gojira influence in a prog / folk extreme amalgamation, this new single has anticipation high for the upcoming Deceptor Creator album; listen here

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