The World’s Glutton-Hypocrite Revealed in Anti-Christian Plot Twist: Treasondom’s Deathgrind “The Flesh Consumes The Mind” Video [Romania]

The 16th-century Protestant Reformation laid the seeds for a rich Christian religious history throughout the roads of Transylvania, Romania. As Orthodox and Catholic to Lutheran branches spread throughout the Southeast European country over decades upon decades to modern times, it was inevitable for a counter culture to arise. Such creative socio-revolution can be found within the deathgrind unit Treasondom.

Through a narrative of pure gluttony, featuring substance and prostitution, the new music video exposes the hypocrisy of Christian figures present in today. Beyond their message of self-blasphemy within religious circles, the band also hopes to turn the stage lights directly on the flaws in humanity when stating, “humans are just slightly more intelligent animals, driven by our instincts, physical needs and addictions. We have been here on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years yet we couldn’t get past of our primal needs. We consume the planet as our needs consume us,” particularly in opening lyrics “I cannot bear this fever, it’s a war without an end I have the impression: freedom is the privilege of death.”

Watch “The Flesh Consumes The Mind” music video

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