Bring Brutal Death Metal to Your Next Backyard Birthday Party: “Corpsepit” Music Video by Extermination Dismemberment [Belarus]

What can you expect when booking a band called Extermination Dismemberment to your kid’s birthday party? PiƱata Decapitation? Check. Clown Headbanging? Check. The Summoning of Goth Vampiric Babes? Check.

The whole plot is ridiculous, an even more fitting term to describe the over-the-top brutality dispensed out from the Minsk-based slam metallers, who present themselves with such Dethklok confidence and bravado. A surprising inclusion of electronic synth swells battle against guitar chugs and vocal gutturals. The quartet of Vladislav Martirosov (vocals), Arseny ‘Red Beton’ Kovalchuk (guitar, vocals), Viktor Kanashevich (bass), and Denis Poluyan (drums) will release Dehumanization Protocol via Unique Leader Records on May 5th followed by a North American tour supporting Ingested, Devourment, and Organetomy.

Watch the “Corpsepit” Music Video

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