Fall Back in Love with “Mother Nature” in The Hu’s Gorgeous English Translation Video [Mongolia]

In a world with conflict and drama clinging at every corner, the simple plead of Mongolian folk metal act The Hu is to take a step back and bask in the beauty and grandiosity of our belonging on this planet. We previously lauded much praise at the recent Rumble of Thunder record, yet the group are sharpening their teeth as they prepare to release the deluxe version of the album.

To oil the wheels of anticipation, we’re gifted a video for the calm and righteous track, “Mother Nature.” Amongst the vast landscapes and earthy visuals, I felt small, comfortably. With the addition of translated English lyrics, the poetry chanted on the piece is now backed by purpose… considering I don’t usually understand Mongolian dialect.

Watch the “Mother Nature” video:

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