Tagelharpa & Goat Horn: Instrumentation Featured on the Progressive Pagan Anthem “DAINA 4” by Varmia [Poland]

Aside Łyna River lays the gothic architecture and rich history of Olsztyn in the north Polish region of Warmia. While now home to Catholicism, the folk / black metal act Varmia focuses instead on the territory’s Baltic pagan roots.

Founding composer Lasota (vocals, guitar), Alle (bass), and Swarge (drums) conjure Enslaved heaviness while multi-instrumentalist Gralla extends the musical limits, bringing backing vocals, additional percussion, folk woodwinds, and most importantly, the tagelharpa (bowed four-string lyre). The striking amalgamation between progressive, folk, and black metal can be heard on the upcoming nie nas widzę, releasing on June 16th via M-Theory Audio.

“DAINA 4,” a notable anthem and dedication to “the cult of Water” is indicative of what’s to come from Varmia.

Watch / Listen to “DAINA 4” video:

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