Reminisce on Your Childhood Bionicle® with the Boys Sessions: Nü-Beatdown “Tornado” Video by No Face No Case [Czechia]

“On the island of Mata Nui, five mighty Toa must rise against evil beatdown elitists. To succeed, they most join forces and find the Kanohi masks of swag.” If you were born in the early to mid 90’s, some of that previous statement may scratch a nostalgia nerve in your brain.

Bionicle®, one of Lego’s biggest selling properties, follows a crew of cyborgs and powerful masks in a tropical Māori aesthetic. It was different, conceptually immersive, and fascinated my puny adolescent brain. And apparently, a certain Prague-based nü-metal meets hardcore beatdown act had a similar pre-puberty obsession with the toy.

No Face No Case released their EP Flex Fiesta late last year. Their latest video showcases plenty of Bionicle® action to accompany the hyped anger of their music.

Watch”Tornado” Official Bionicle Video:

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