Nightmare Mall & Modern Deathgrind: “What’s Wrong With The Lobotomy Kid?” by Exnun [Turkey]

From Istanbul in Turkey spawns the dense entity that is Exnun, consisting of Can Temiz (bass, vocals), Ersin Çağlayan (guitar, vocals), Ozan Çam (guitar, vocals), and Aberrant Engin (drums). Their fusion of hardcore and death metal had me instantly sold. While the ferocity parallels the likes of Gulch and early Code Orange, grooves and stellar musicianship on the level of modern giants such as Gojira or Cattle Decapitation rein in the chaos.

“What’s Wrong with the Lobotomy Kid?” immediately sets expectations in a strange place considering the beyond peculiar song title, yet it becomes crystal clear that this project means serious, white-knuckled business when their bloodied punk roots kick the piece in motion, before concluding with a nearly post-metal doomsday breakdown. As visuals in the video depict the modern version of that “what the… fuck” moment where you see the bear blowjob scene in The Shining, you’ll need to shed sight on this art piece.

Nutshells Studies of Unexplained Death by Exnun drops June 9th via Time to Kill Records

“What’s Wrong with the Lobotomy Kid?” Music Video:

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