Computer Hackers Have Infiltrated Metalcore: “Neo” by Human Nebula [South Africa] & “Noob” by 9six6 [Saudi Arabia]

Acts including Erra and Emmure have dabbled with finding balance between metalcore and deathcore. Instead, South African project Human Nebula can take gold for being the first group to find the perfect bullseye between the two subgenres. “Neo” stacks up earworm, clean vocals that compel the barrage of riffs, licks, and growls of a real headbanger. Amongst such chaos, our music video’s potential protagonist hacks through the most cyberpunk of mainframes before… utter termination.

Alternatively, “Noob” revives the swancore style, conjuring gentle Dance Gavin Dance math rock riffs, however complimented by rap, lush orchestration, and melodic screams. While one would assume such varied ingredients would clash, Saudi Arabian metallers 9six6 meld these elements with superb ability. The diversity evokes Italian experimentalists Apple Sauce or hip hop-deathcore fusion project Slay Squad. Unlike the aforementioned “Neo” video, “Noob” presents dark web digging on a whopping four-screen display.

“Neo” by Human Nebula Music Video:

“Noob” (ft. SKR Star) by 9six6 Music Video:

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