Sewer Dwellers Unveil Atmospheric Death Metal & Deathcore within “Scythicon” Music Video [Poland]

Sewer Dwellers

Sewer Dwellers are a Polish death metal/deathcore group that consist of Filip Mieszkalski (vocals), Tomasz Bogdanowicz (guitar), Grzegorz Pyko (guitar), Karol Kawiorski (bass), and Tomasz Drabik (drums). They will be releasing their album Fate of a Maggot in the near future, but have a new single to show the world.

“Scythicon” is definitely an interesting track, taking characteristics of death metal and filtering it through a fog of wailing atmospheric guitars in the vein of Fallujah‘s most recent two records. In addition to the one of a kind sounds surrounding this piece, the vocals vary in a very peculiar way, thanks to a guest appearance by Jamie Hanks from I Declare War. Check out the music video for the single below.

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