Sitar Metal Masterfully Combine Shred, Groove, and Emotion in Magnum Opus “When Time Stands Still” Music Video [India]

Sitar Metal

Quite literally put, Sitar Metal is one of the first sitar-driven metal acts. The India-based project consists of Rishabh Seen (sitar), Deeparshi Roy (guitar), and Tushar Khurana (bass). They have just put out a music video for the track “When Time Stands Still,” which was shot and edited by Anurag Sharma and Nikhil Vision in New Delhi. The song also features electronics by Swastik Chakravarty, Robert Alex (Noiseware, Aswekeepsearching) on bass, Anudhyan Chakravarty on drums, and Adhiraj Singh (Refractor, Noiseware) handling mixing and mastering.

All in all, the piece showcases the unique tonalities and timbre of the sitar instrument as it takes the center stage for a groovy and shred-fueled headbanger. Rishabh Seen has released impressive material before, but this is most certainly the most impressive and impactful composition by the talented musician and is clearly turning heads on a worldwide scale. You can check out the music video below.

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