13th Notion Stretches the Parameters of Djent & Prog in “Deflection” Single [India]

13th Notion

13th Notion is an Indian progressive metal group consisting of Subhodeep Jana (vocals), Saptarshi P. Basu (guitar), Dibyojyoti Guha (guitar), Deep Ghosh (bass), and Anubhav Banerjee (drums). Last month, the band dropped their EP titled Exagora holding four tracks.

You can check out the opening track “Deflection” now via the stream video below. With an emphasis on both atmospheric ambience and groovy, djent chugs, acts like Textures and After the Burial come to mind while listening to this song. The growl and clean vocal variety also evokes similarities to Kolkata neighbors What Escapes Me. Overall, the song is consistently strong and demonstrates the band’s aptitude for progressive experimentation and metalcore heaviness equally.

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