Infestation Blast Through Both Grinding Slammers “Pork n’ Roll” & “993 Missed Calls” for Live Studio Video [Lithuania]


Hailing from Vilnius in Lithuania, Infestation is a slam/brutal death metal band consisting of Defma (vocals), Lauris (guitar), Daumantas (bass), and V.J. (drums). Over the past few years years, they have put out the Social Cannibalism LP followed by the Perversion EP. More recently though, the four-piece filmed a live studio video of a couple tracks, one from each aforementioned release.

On the first track “Pork n’ Roll,” the grinding percussion and deep squeals are performed with ease. The dichotomy between the sinister looks on each musicians face against the drunken horse-masked man also featured in the studio is certainly entertaining. “993 Missed Calls” is the next piece and pounds one’s eardrums harder and faster. You can check out the video below.

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