Arallu Explore an Atmospheric and Doom Laden Twist Away from Their Usual Black Metal for “Vortex Of Emotions” Music Video [Israel]


Arallu is an Israeli black metal act known for their fusion of Middle Eastern musicalities and instrumentation with their extreme music. They have opened the gates of their homeland and shared the stage with Behemoth, Mayhem, Satyricon, Enslaved, Marduk, Tribulation, and more. Furthermore, the group gained attention while touring and hitting festivals in Europe as well as being included in Sam Dunn’s Global Metal documentary (check our review of the film here).

Last year, they put out their seventh studio album titled En Olam via the Russian label Satanath Records and Ecuadorian label Exhumed Records. We mentioned the record in our favorite albums of the year list, which you can view here. Now in 2020, we have a music video for the track “Vortex Of Emotions” from the aforementioned LP. The track takes a more atmospheric and doom metal approach rather than their usual black metal style. Check out the video below.

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