Best Metal Around the World: November 2022 [Puerto Rico, Japan, Israel, South Africa…]

There is so much heavy, extreme, and beautiful metal music being conjured all around the world that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Metal Has No Borders has curated the best of the best released this month, from Puerto Rico and Japan to Israel and South Africa, as well as everything in between.

Enjoy our hand-picked favorite albums, singles, and videos for November 2022 below. Enjoy and share which bands you were headbanging to this past month in the comment section!

Album of the Month (Gold Tier)

Avandra – Prodigal

Released via Layered Reality

Puerto Rico

A few years back, I gave a standing ovation to their 2019 Descender record [review], finding haven in their atmospheric Porcupine Tree-like universes. The following year, Avandra dropped the appropriate next step in Skylighting and we now arrive at Prodigal. First off, we must give severe merit to the group’s prolificity; churning out three heavily-layered full-length records within three years is no easy feat. And secondly, I absolutely applaud their gradual evolution. The way this project has gently injected a heavier edge and myriad of dynamics into their material is truly impressive. Tracks like “Dissembling the Artifice” or “Daybreak” tease growls and a new found, more aggressive identity. Nonetheless, Avandra‘s sensitive, dystopian aura still shines brightly on this new record and I am simply in awe.

Prodigal by Avandra is awarded Best Album of the Month (Gold Tier) for November 2022

Favorite Songs:Codename:Pharaoh,” “The Downpour,” “Daybreak”

FFO: Haken, Riverside, Caligula’s Horse

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Album of the Month (Silver Tier)

Arallu – Death Covenant

Released via Hammerheart Records


Death Covenant kicks ass. It’s more different than any other Arallu album, but not to a point where they sound desperate to appeal to a separate audience. It’s different because the band evolved and took their style to a new level. This is easily one of the best albums they’ve ever released, and an amazing comeback from the rut they’ve been stuck in for the last few years. No honest black metal head should miss out on this one.” [Full Review]

Death Covenant by Arallu is awarded Album of the Month (Silver Tier) for November 2022

Favorite Songs:Empire of Salt,” “Under Jerusalem Temple’s Mount,” “Prophecy of the Dead

FFO: Melechesh, Dark Funeral, Mayhem

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Album of the Month (Bronze Tier)

Constellatia – Magisterial Romance

Released via Season of Mist

South Africa

Initially a duo comprised of Gideon Lamprecht (Crow Black Sky) and Keenan Oakes (Wildernessking), Constellatia has now added Adam Hill to the crew to further the vast parameters of post-metal. While comparisons can easily be drawn to Alcest or Deafheaven in the band’s blackened post-rock inspiration, Magisterial Romance conveys discovery of new territory nonetheless. The range in music here explores a myriad of tones, from distraught lows to epiphanic heights. This is the type of record that invokes an internal journey, likely therapeutic. Considering the emotional depth within this project’s atmospheric prog vulnerability and earthy post-black passages, you won’t want to miss this experience.

Magisterial Romance by Constellatia is awarded Album of the Month (Bronze Tier) for November 2022

Favorite Songs:Paean Emerging,” “Adorn,” “In Vituperation”

FFO: Deafheaven, Lantlôs, Møl

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Album of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

Seventh Station – Heal the Unhealed


Upon discovering there is an international progressive metal project consisting of musicians from both Slovenia, Turkey, and Israel, I knew this would be right up my alley. Heal the Unhealed is an infinitely experimental showcase fusing Mars Volta innovation with Opeth heavy eccentricity.

Listen to “All Hail the Moustache

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The Crossed – The Producer of Suffering


The competition within the deathcore scene is never-ending with each group upping-the-ante. The Crossed‘s unbearingly heaviness paired with a proggy songwriting style allows them to stand tall against modern giants like Lorna Shore or Darko.

Listen to “The Producer of Suffering

Evraak – Evraak I


Do you miss the earlier years of King Crimson‘s dense brass-prog fusion? Look no further than this evocative debut LP, rivaling other experimental metallers Bent Knee.

Listen to “Saethi

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Single / Video of the Month

Babymetal – “Monochrome”


Admittedly, I was both underwhelmed and disappointed with their previous single “Divine Attack – Shingeki,” so I’m so glad that Babymetal brought things back home on the latest “Monochrome” track. The lead guitar work sold me, presenting a prog metal edge. Although not boasting their most infectious vocal hooks, the chorus melodies are still beyond pleasant. This unique project continues to push boundaries with their range of tasteful songwriting, stylistic fusion, and overall distinct character. The black-and-white visuals paired with the optimistic lyrical themes are the cherry on top of this stellar single.

“Monochrome” by Babymetal is awarded Best Single / Video of the Month for November 2022

Single / Video of the Month (Honorable Mentions)

Deadbind – “Emerald Dreams”


By adding a Monuments-like melody on top of the late Emmure down-tuned deathcore style, Deadbind are able to advance the subgenre to both accessible and heavy new territory; listen here

Vitam Et Mortem – “Maha Kali


Presented with a blackened death metal Behemoth-esque vigor, this new song and video by Colombian beasts Vitam Et Mortem is slathered in brutality; listen here

Millstone – “Single Fiery Flower”


Groove death metal act slows things down in this doom-coated visceral single, paired with a Black Sabbath cover; listen here

Out of Nowhere – “Wrong Generation”

Iran / Turkey

Showing solidarity for the recent protestors and victims of violence in Iran, this Architects-level banger brings sublime melody to metalcore; listen here (interview coming soon!)

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