Drag Queens, Diablo IV, & Death Metal: “Hell is Coming” by Torture Squad [Brazil]

There’s few worthy metal music-video game crossovers: Cannibal Corpse vocalist Corpsegrinder as a character in World of Warcraft, nintendocore prog act Last Chance to Reason, and tearing through the “Killing in the Name of” Morello solo on Guitar Hero II. Brazilian death-thrash Torture Squad now approach the border between the two mediums.

Inspired by the recently released Diablo IV RPG, the new “Hell is Coming” single holds on to their Sepultura roots, while also embracing an Allegaeon progressive side. Diablo world champion Mauricio ‘Slowakia’ Somenzari cosplays as drag queen villain Lilith in the seductively heavy music video.

The upcoming album Devilish is dropping on September 22nd via Time To Kill Records.

Watch Torture Squad’s “Hell is Coming” music video:

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